23 years of experience in substance use, mental health & well-being.
I'm here to inform, promote understanding, and support positive change
for you, your organisation and your community.


Stacey Smith

A photograph of Stacey Smith

I have dedicated the last 23 years to improving the health
and well-being of people from all walks of life. 

I am open to opportunities on a freelance/consultancy or part-time basis to offer my skills and experience for:   

* Training Development & Delivery 

* Community Projects

* Research

* Content Creation & Social Media

* Events & Conferences  


My specialism is substance use
with vast experience across the sector including (chronologically)…

* Drug Education – young people in mainstream & alternative provision

* Drug Training – development & delivery to staff in the
health and social care and criminal justice sector

* Therapeutic Interventions – from detox to longer-term

* Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (15

* Personal Development courses and Women focussed groups.

* Social Enterprises

* Volunteer & Peer Management – supporting people with
living and lived experience


I offer the following services to support you, your organisation and your community.

Substance Use & Addiction Recovery

My belief is that if society better understood substance use, addiction, emotional and mental health issues, those in need would be more encouraged to make informed choices and positive lifestyle changes. I advocate for harm reduction to keep people alive and for the availability of support to enable them to achieve their potential to thrive in their own recovery, whatever that may mean for them. I enjoy challenging stigma and discriminatory views which can be barriers to people accessing support.

If you’d like support for yourself or if your organisation would benefit from a workshop to better understand the issues to support your staff or client group then please do get in touch.

Training & Workshops

As an experienced Trainer I’m available to develop and deliver on topics related to:

Understanding Substance Use & Addiction

Supporting Recovery

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Dual Diagnosis

Mental Health

Diabetes Prevention & Awareness

Bespoke Health and Well-Being focused workshops include…

Goal Setting




Emotional Freedom Technique

An introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT for Anxiety

EFT for Motivation

EFT for Recovery

Schools & Colleges

Drugs & Alcohol Awareness Workshops & Health Days

Emotional Well-Being (Pupils or staff)

PTTLS Teaching Award, Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management in Adult Social Care,  Advanced EFT Practitioner

Current Study: MSc Mental Health and Substance Use (Dual Diagnosis)

Fully Insured, DBS checked, CV and References on Request

Conferences & Speaker Events

As a social butterfly and a connector I love nothing more than helping to plan, market, coordinate and speak at events.

If you need an extra pair of hands to plan your conference, event or well-being event why not invite me along?

I can also create written content to promote or report during and after.

Recent delivery as a speaker as part of the Lively Up Yourself programme for NHS staff and supporting the Drink and Drug News magazine conference 2023.

Coaching with EFT

If you need a nudge in the right direction then why not try a coaching session with me?

I have been an Advanced Practitioner since 2009 and have helped hundreds of people through difficult times. 

Make healthier choices (Food, Alcohol, Motivation to Exercise)
Let go of Anxiety & Fears (Social Anxiety, Phobias, Public Speaking)
Reduce your Cravings (Alcohol, Nicotine, Sugar, or other substances).
Get back on track and feel inspired, motivated and positive!
EFT sounds weird, what is it?

EFT is an Energy Psychology which combines a talk therapy with tapping on points on the body (similar to how acupunture works) which helps relax and focus you. EFT  works on a psychological level as using affirmations and statements to helping you to tune into specific issues and let go of any unhelpful or uncomfortable thought patterns or emotions.


Real life and online sessions available. 

Time to Shine Courses

Time to Shine 

6 Week Personal Development Course

Feel more positive, focused, happy and healthy


This 6-week course comprises weekly two-hour sessions and includes the following:

  • Goal Setting, Manifestation and Motivation
  • Self-esteem and Confidence
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety and improving Coping Strategies
  • Creative Crafts – Vision Boarding
  • Relaxation and Meditation in every session
  • Emotional Freedom Technique for Recovery
  • A supportive, friendly, and safe environment.

The Time to Shine course has been successfully delivered over a number of years in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry and Bromsgrove. Evaluation and feedback will be collected and fed back in a report on completion of each course.

A range of services to choose from...

For you.


On Phone Or Zoom

  • 15 minute call or Zoom
  • Arrange a convenient time
  • Chat about what you would like to achieve


Including EFT

£ 60
  • A safe space to share
  • Confidential
  • No pressure
  • Real life sessions or
  • Onine via Zoom


WIth or Without EFT

£ 50
  • Support from the comfort of your own home
  • Zoom, Teams or Facebook Messenger
  • Nationwide

For your organisation.


  • Support for your staff or client group
  • Support for your client group
  • Improve emotional and mental health


Half Day/Full Day

  • Understanding Substance Use & Addiction
  • Supporting Recovery
  • Encouraging healthy behaviour change


6 week Personal Development Course

  • Up to 12 people
  • 2 hr weekly session
  • Women focused
  • Invest in well-being


Introduction To Emotional Freedom Technique,
Goal Setting, Confidence, Positivity, Motivation

£ 100 /ph
  • Up to 10 People
  • 1 Hour for £100
  • Half Day For £225


Hourly/Half Day/Full Day

£ 100 /ph *
  • Understanding Substance Use and Addiction
  • Supporting Recovey
  • Goal Setting, Confidence, Positivity, Motivation to Change

*plus development time if bespoke and travel dependant on location

Awards & Achievements


I’m lucky to have supported and worked with many fabulous people and organisations over the years. I enjoy new projects and developing programmes, events and getting in on the action!

I can offer your community organisation…

Workshops, Courses and Training

Health and Well-Being focussed project development


Funding experience to co-deliver projects in the areas of most need. 



Other cool things I’ve done and do…

Communication, Marketing, Social Media & Event Management particularly for social enterprises. 

Vice Chair and Safeguarding Governor, PTFA Secretary and  Clerk to Parish Council

I’m currently supporting volunteers and peer mentors at Changes UK  with lived experience of addiction to maintain their own recovery, offer their help to others still struggling, and reach their own training and career goals.


Here you will see all my fantastic blog posts… when I write them… 


If you’d like me to support you or your organisation please do get in touch.