Apps for…’appiness.

If you need a little appy goodness then why not try these…

Headspace Logo

Headspace has been around for a few years but it has some great free content and meditations you can listen to to clear your head or help you get some beauty sleep.

Calm App

Calm is chilled out loveliness to help improve your health and happiness and they even get some celebs to voiceover the soothing stories. Who doesn’t want Harry Styles in their ear whilst drifting off?! There’s some free content to get you started as well as a free 7 day trial and offers on full subscriptions.

Worry Tree App

WorryTree was recommended to me by a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist a couple of years ago and it’s simple but effective. It allows you to input and categorise your current worries in a clear way so that you can take action to change how you feel and think.

The Tapping Solution App

I wasn’t going to miss out The Tapping Solution. If you’d like to try Emotional Freedom Technique as a self help tool this is fab and you it has content for specific issues you may be experiencing too. Of course if you need to really get to the root of things you can always book a session with your favourite Advanced EFT Practitioner…

Balance App

A relatively new one in the mix I recently tried is Balance. This one also has meditations and creates a plan for you with content relating to areas you may need help with such as Anxiety, Focus, Habits, Energy.

Grab yourself some app Zen and let me know how you get on!


Stacey Heart