Procrastination & Progress

Procrastination and Progress Blog Post

I must keep up the momentum with this, look I’m typing I’m typing!

I’ve had some opportunities thrown my way recently and I had to get out of my comfort zone as well as complete a lot of mundane admin tasks which I am not a fan of. Now of course being a super duper coach trainer guru expert (groans) I ALWAYS practice what I preach, take my own advice and I’m mega motivated at all times and never ever procrastinate. Do you believe me?

Here’s what to do to progress, even if it’s just 1%, progress is progress.

Write sh*t down! If a to do list works for you, do that. If notes on your phone work, do that. If you need to do a big spider diagram plan in rainbow colours that’s perfectly normal too (for example!). Anything that helps you feel clearer about what you need to do is positive. Sometimes when it’s all stuck in a clump in our head it’s hard to chip away at it.

Image Courtesy of the rather excellent Liz and Mollie.

The BIG (in your mind) tasks you procrastinate are usually much smaller and less time consuming than you think. You know when you have a lot of tedious, mundane tasks to do and it all seems like a big heavy load? Just pick one and do it. You know about one day at a time. Do one thing at a time. A tick is a tick. Make that call, fill that form in, eat that frog. If you sit and stare at a wall for the rest of the day that’s OK, if it gives you a bit of oomph to get more done then that’s even better.

What’s not so great is procrastinating it all away under your metaphorical carpet. The mountain will get bigger and seem more overwhelming and eventually you won’t be able to see the telly anymore.

Let me know how you get on.

Trust me, I’m a super duper coach trainer guru expert remember.


Stacey Heart